Back Pain – Alternative Medical Treatments

Medication should be used sparingly and under the strict supervision of a medical professional. It is not difficult to injure your back, especially if you are a manual worker but long term problems can also be the result of poor body posture or from an accident.

It can also be caused if you are lifting heavy loads and usually characterized by a sharp pain to your lower back. Fortunately there area number of natural back pain relief remedies that can help without a reliance on prescription medication. Tense muscles in the back can be eased just by gentle stretching; this provides relief and is simple to carry out.

Some are finding relief using reflexology, an ancient type of alternative medical treatment. It uses the concept that certain areas of the body having corresponding areas on the feet which can benefit from massage. Often to compensate for our pain, the back muscles over compensate. Reflexology can help provide relief by improving the circulation which in turn relaxes these hard worked muscles.

Acupuncture is used frequently by people suffering spinal agony by giving them back pain relief just as it has for thousands of years, although, only recently in the West. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the theory that all people have this energy which flows through them called ‘chi’ or ‘qi’. Chi can become blocked but can be released by using thin needles inserted into various points on the body. Whilst acupuncture is used for many conditions, it is frequently used for pain relief and many people claim to have excellent results from using it.

Tai Chi is also another ancient Chinese discipline which is basically a type of exercise similar to yoga except it is slower. Tai Chi focuses on breathing techniques and is a great way to relax your back. Whilst it involves some stretching and breathing exercises it is not too strenuous which means that anyone, young or old can take part in Tai Chi.

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