How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

If you’re like me, you’re busy, kinda stressed out, have many things pulling at you in many directions, and on top of that you need to find time to workout. It usually doesn’t happen. The gym becomes just another problem for you. Read this article if you’re looking for a solution to being able to get your workouts in.

Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule

1. Do it during commercials, before going to the bathroom, and while you cook

These are 3 times where you can sneak in 2-3 minutes of exercise. Done multiple times each day, THAT ADDS UP to a lot of working out. A great thing about this is that you don’t sweat… usually. Also, it’s been PROVEN that these type of mini-workouts are much better at increasing the speed of your metabolism… as compared to the normal 30-60 minute workouts once a day.

Don’t think this is hard either. You can do jumping jacks, jump rope, jump on a mini-trampoline, or do some pushups. Whatever.

2. Do hard, fast-paced exercises in 5 minutes

You can do something like fast bodyweight squats. Do as many as you can in 5 minutes. Trust me, that’s all the workout you’ll need for the day. Running up some stairs for 5 minutes non-stop also is great. These are intense. That’s why you can get away with doing just 5 minutes of them in a day. You don’t need much of these exercises to get great weight loss results.

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