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Aging, pregnancy, obesity, diarrhea, and constipation are some of the major reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids.Only under severe pain, bleeding, or itching should you choose to get surgery for your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids will tend to form around the rectal area either inside or just outside the rectum.External hemorrhoids are the hemorrhoids that form just ouside the anal opening.  Either swelling and pain in the anus or a lump that forms around the anus are two of the symptoms of external hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoid surgery is one of the ways to treat external hemorrhoids including other non-complicated treatments.

Internal hemorrhoids are a tougher bunch to treat.  These occur inside the rectum.  Bleeding is the most common symptom for internal hemorrhoids.The pain can become more predominant if the condition is not treated on time.If this happens, the condition will get worse and the pain will increase.

Hemorrhoids medical treatment

The hemorrhoid condition can be dealt with through the use of hemorrhoid surgery.Usually, other tissue that may lay near the hemorrhoid will be removed too.Surgery should be undertaken when the internal or external hemorrhoids display severe symptoms and there seems to be no other way of curing the hemorrhoids.

After examining the hemorrhoid, the surgeon will shut off any supply of blood to the hemorrhoid with stitches.When the tissue that is near the hemorrhoid tissue is removed, the anal sphincture is left unharmed.Usually, tools such as scissors, scalpels, and even lasers are used to remove the tissue.

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